Mutemwa seen from Chigona Mountain

John Bradburne

John with blind Peter Katsandanga

John Bradburne's life was a remarkable spiritual odyssey. After wartime service on the Indian sub-continent he became a perennial pilgrim, never at home in the world, not even in his native England. Restless wanderings led him through Europe, to a succession of religious communities, until he was eventually introduced to a colony of 90 leprosy sufferers in Africa. It was here at 'Mutemwa' Zimbabwe, that he dedicated his last ten years with total dedication until he met a violent death at the end of the war for Independence in 1979. Since that time there is an ever growing following to his memory, many believe him to be a saint.

The JBMS charity is set up to help continue the work at Mutemwa Village, by raising funds and spreading the word of his inspirational life and writings worldwide.

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