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Mutemwa seen from Chigona Mountain

John Bradburne

John with blind Peter Katsandanga

John Bradburne’s life was a remarkable spiritual odyssey. After wartime service on the Indian sub-continent he became a perennial pilgrim, never at home in the world, not even in his native England. Restless wanderings led him through Europe, to a succession of religious communities, until he was eventually introduced to a colony of 90 leprosy sufferers in Zimbabwe in Africa. It was here at ‘Mutemwa’, that he spent his last ten years with total dedication until he met a violent death at the end of the war for independence on September 5th 1979.

Since that time there has been an ever growing following to his memory, and many believe him to be a saint.

The JBMS charity is set up to help continue the work by raising funds and spreading the word about John Bradburne’s inspirational life and writings.

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